Bringing Plants Indoors for the Winter

With colder weather on its way for many households across the country, now is the time to start planning to bring your tropical houseplants indoors. 

Hopefully your plant babies enjoyed some time growing and basking in the sun during the warm months. Most houseplants cannot withstand weather below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 C), so once temperatures outside start to dip, you know it’s time to prepare your indoor space. 

Here are our tips and tricks for success when bringing your plants in for the winter:

1) Check For Bugs & Clean Leaves

Small insects such as aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites might be hanging out on your plants. Make sure to check for these pests and remove them before you bring your plants inside, so they don’t have a chance to infest your other houseplants. Be sure to check the top of the soil as well as the top and underside of the leaves.

PRO TIP: You can use the same Good Dirt Plant Food solution that you use to fertilize your plants to clean the leaves! By using our Plant Food to wipe your plants, not only are you cleaning them and helping them shine — you’re ensuring that they’re healthy. You’re adding a small amount of nutrition through their leaves which can only help your plants grow stronger… and stronger plants are healthier plants.

Woman wiping leaves of plant to remove bugs after bringing in the houseplant for winter

2) Fertilize Less Frequently

PRO TIP: While it is largely advised not to fertilize plants over the winter, with Good Dirt Plant Nutrition you CAN continue to fertilize your plants. Because our plant nutrition is derived from seeds for plants, you can’t overdo it and there will not be any salt build up. Most other products are salt or petroleum based, which can buildup and cause root burn or damage your plants while they are dormant.

3) Don’t Overwater

Plants that are indoors will not need as much water as plants that are outdoors. A good guideline is to only water plants when they are dry to the touch.

PRO TIP: Good Dirt doesn’t dry out like other soil. The peat in our soil is designed to be like a sponge to hold the right amount of water. If you’re unsure about when to water, a moisture meter can be a great help!

4) Create Humidity

There are a couple of options for creating humidity for your plants. Here are a few methods you can use:

  • Misting Plants – while this does help your plants, it only lasts for a short amount of time and is more of a temporary fix.
  • Pebble Trays – a better long-term solution is to use a pebble tray under your plants. Add a layer of moist gravel to a tray and place your plants on top huddled together. Keeping your plants close together will help to promote humidity.
  • Humidifier – you can also use a humidifier to keep your plants happy and humid through the winter.
Using a humidifier to keep your houseplants happy and humid during winter months after bringing them inside

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Yes! All our products are chemical-free, non-GMO, vegan, and sustainably produced. Safe to use near kids and pets, safe to use on edible plants, even safe if you have nut allergies.

BogBits® are our proprietary recycled by-product of sustainably harvested peat moss. It provides the permanent porosity that plants need to breathe and roots to thrive.

On a trip to Canada, our founders encountered a naturally occurring phenomenon found in peat moss bogs — ‘sticks’ that could be broken down into a fiber for a new type of potting mix. A kind of mix that would provide a better balance of air space and water retention; a better home for roots to grow and form.

Good Dirt® worked with a team to develop their own special recipe using this new magical ingredient, and BogBits was born.

BogBits are comprised of partially petrified peat from Canadian peat bogs. In years past, this by-product of peat moss harvest would have simply been discarded, or used to pave peat bog access roads.

Now, these BogBits have allowed us to create a rich, fluffy Soil Conditioner and Potting Mix with porosity unlike anything on the market.

Yes, all our products are vegan and plant based. We do not add any animal byproducts to any soil mixes or plant nutrition.

Many companies that add animal byproducts to their mixes or fertilizers are trying to balance the nutrients for plants. However, our Good Dirt Plant Food (included in our potting mixes, as well as sold separately for plant nutrition) does not need these ingredients. Our products are made from plants, for plants. The base of our plant food is derived from oilseed extract and contains everything Nature puts into a seed to reproduce the species. The natural oilseed extract contains NPK, trace elements, and all the organic compounds found in a seed, including all the essential plant amino acids.

Our soil mix recipes do not contain any nuts or peanuts that may potentially be harmful to gardeners with allergies, nor do our facilities process products that include nuts or peanuts. that may potentially be harmful to gardeners with allergies, nor do our facilities process products that include nuts or peanuts.

Our Plant Food is derived from a seed (oil seed to be specific) and contains all the nutrients a seed needs to germinate – for that reason it is great for ALL plants

It is made from plants, for plants. It contains all the compounds, amino acids, and trace elements a seed needs to germinate and all plants to thrive. The recipe is then enhanced with NPK 10-4-3 (which is not salt-based) so it won’t cause roots and leaves to burn.

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