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Dirt in a Box

Introducing Dirt in a Box — Our First Product in Our New Initiative

Our award-winning potting mix is now available in packaging that is sustainable: a box and a liner that are made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste materials.

Why a box?

We are thinking outside the bag! We have been looking for more renewable packaging options. The box defines our move towards plant-based packaging, less plastic, and innovation towards sustainability as a model.

The box is made from 100% recycled cardboard corrugate — AND you can use it in your gardens as a mulch and to prevent weeds from sprouting up.

The liner is 100% recycled 1.5mil poly. This is a big deal! When goods are made with recycled content, they have a 30% to 90% lower carbon footprint than equivalent goods made with new materials.

The box is manufacture certified by three international Forestry Councils: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

What’s in the box?

What’s inside is even more amazing: 18 Quarts of the Good Dirt Potting Mix — a proprietary blend that starts with Veriflora® Certified Canadian Peat Moss harvested from responsibly managed peatlands, which means we’re dedicated to environmental protection, social responsibility, and quality performance. Unlike European Peat or American Peat, Canadian peat is sustainably managed, regenerating 70 times faster than the rate of harvest.

Bogbits®, a byproduct of sustainably harvested peat moss, are blended in to provide the structure for optimum porosity. This combination of Peat and BogBits provides just the right balance of air and water retention, making your plant’s roots very happy.

Unlike conventional potting mixes, Good Dirt does not contain any pine bark. Being bark-free makes a big difference! Bark breaks down quickly and causes a potting mix to become dense, turning to muck and inhibiting root growth.

The perfect soil for all indoor and outdoor plants

  • Experience bigger blooms, healthier roots, and faster growth
  • Grow Clean with Good Dirt: all-natural, chemical-free, GMO-free, nut-free, and vegan
  • Contains 18 Quarts of Potting Mix that will fill ten 6” pots
  • Our Dirt Box and the inside liner are made from post-consumer waste materials that normally would end up in the landfills

Pro Tip: Our potting mix retains moisture through out and was crafted to be water wise. So we recommend you Water Smarter™

Revolutionary + Evolutionary

Grow Clean with Good Dirt! All-natural, chemical-free, GMO-free, nut-free and vegan. Safe for the entire family, including pets of course, and not harmful to the environment.

At Good Dirt, we are taking our expertise in growing, our love of learning, and sharing that with better products for the garden. Every one of our products has a story to tell about sustainability and each one is based on the model: Good Gardening is Good for the Earth. Grow Clean with Good Dirt.

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How can we help?

Yes! All our products are chemical-free, non-GMO, vegan, and sustainably produced. Safe to use near kids and pets, safe to use on edible plants, even safe if you have nut allergies.

BogBits® are our proprietary recycled by-product of sustainably harvested peat moss. It provides the permanent porosity that plants need to breathe and roots to thrive.

On a trip to Canada, our founders encountered a naturally occurring phenomenon found in peat moss bogs — ‘sticks’ that could be broken down into a fiber for a new type of potting mix. A kind of mix that would provide a better balance of air space and water retention; a better home for roots to grow and form.

Good Dirt® worked with a team to develop their own special recipe using this new magical ingredient, and BogBits was born.

BogBits are comprised of partially petrified peat from Canadian peat bogs. In years past, this by-product of peat moss harvest would have simply been discarded, or used to pave peat bog access roads.

Now, these BogBits have allowed us to create a rich, fluffy Soil Conditioner and Potting Mix with porosity unlike anything on the market.

Yes, all our products are vegan and plant based. We do not add any animal byproducts to any soil mixes or plant nutrition.

Many companies that add animal byproducts to their mixes or fertilizers are trying to balance the nutrients for plants. However, our Good Dirt Plant Food (included in our potting mixes, as well as sold separately for plant nutrition) does not need these ingredients. Our products are made from plants, for plants. The base of our plant food is derived from oilseed extract and contains everything Nature puts into a seed to reproduce the species. The natural oilseed extract contains NPK, trace elements, and all the organic compounds found in a seed, including all the essential plant amino acids.

Our soil mix recipes do not contain any nuts or peanuts that may potentially be harmful to gardeners with allergies, nor do our facilities process products that include nuts or peanuts. that may potentially be harmful to gardeners with allergies, nor do our facilities process products that include nuts or peanuts.

Our Plant Food is derived from a seed (oil seed to be specific) and contains all the nutrients a seed needs to germinate – for that reason it is great for ALL plants

It is made from plants, for plants. It contains all the compounds, amino acids, and trace elements a seed needs to germinate and all plants to thrive. The recipe is then enhanced with NPK 10-4-3 (which is not salt-based) so it won’t cause roots and leaves to burn.

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