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Outdoor Bundle Starter Kit


Potting Mix — 60 qts (2 cu ft)

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Potting Mix — 30 qts (1 cu ft) *Limited Time Only*


Potting Mix — 30 qts (1 cu ft) *Limited Time Only*

Compressed Bag with Handle


One of a Kind Dirt Bag — Back in stock for a limited time only! Compressed potting mix easily loosens to 1 cubic foot. No Tools Required. Good Dirt® Potting Mix helps you find the right balance of air and moisture for successful container gardening. Our special formula also includes a dose of PlantBiotics® and a booster of Plant Food to help you achieve a LIVING SOIL.


One-of-a-Kind Dirt Bag! Good Dirt® Potting Mix is light weight & helps you find the right balance of air and moisture needed for successful container gardening. BogBits®, a recycled by-product from the Canadian peat bogs, provides an air-rich structure that allows roots to thrive while sustainably harvested peat moss promotes optimum levels of water and nutrient retention. Our special formula also includes a nutrient charge from an organic based plant food and a dose of PlantBiotics® to help you achieve a LIVING SOIL.


  • Compressed bag, loosens to 30 dry quarts (equivalent = 1 cubic foot, or fills up to three 12″ pots)
  • Features BogBits® to add porosity so roots can breathe and nutrients flow to the roots.
  • Contains sustainably harvested Peat for ideal water and nutrient retention
  • All natural, chemical- free, GMO-free and vegan


This product contains:

BogBits® are our proprietary recycled by-product of sustainably harvested peat moss. It provides the long term porosity that plants need to breathe and roots to thrive.

Good Dirt® Plant Food is derived naturally from Oilseed Extract, which contains everything nature puts into a seed to reproduce the species. The natural Oilseed Extract contains NPK, trace elements, and all the organic compounds found in a seed. This includes all plant essential amino acids.

Good Dirt PlantBiotics® are a complex package of beneficial microbes that get in around the roots to protect them, forming a tough, protective endospore, allowing the plants to tolerate extreme environmental conditions and transplant shock. They also help with nutrient uptake and continue to colonize/grow as they are also being fed with the organics from the Good Dirt® Plant Food.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 10 × 5 in

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