We know you want your plants to grow.

Whether you’re a hobbyist gardener or a landscaping professional, we make products so you can make the most of your soil and plants.


Whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned veteran of toiling in soil, we believe easy-to-use products are more pleasant to work with. We want your labors to cultivate a passion for digging in the dirt.


We want your garden to thrive, so Good Dirt® is constantly crafting products to work magic for your garden. Our BogBits® & sustainably harvested peat give roots the optimal balance of air and moisture, and our PlantBiotics & Plant Food keep your living soil “alive."


Good Dirt® products are derived from renewable plant-based components and focus on naturally occurring ingredients. We want to help make the Earth a clean place, respecting and caring for it so future generations can all enjoy gardening.

Suzy Newsom

When Suzy Newsom started Good Dirt® out of her home in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Al, they had a simple goal in mind – to bring easy to use, sustainable products to gardeners of all experience levels that help them get the most out of their soil and plants.

Suzy grew up in Brazil surrounded by tropical plants and Al grew up with two grandfathers passionate about farming and gardening. Gardening is in their genes!

Good Dirt® grew strong roots quickly, with Suzy’s marketing background helping their brand connect with fellow passionate plant parents on social media. Her purpose is to inspire other gardeners to create the same lifestyle that she and her family enjoy.

Al Newsom

“Chief of R&D,” Al Newsom has been in love with soil and plants most of his life. He studied horticulture at NC State University, owned an urban gardening store, operated a landscape company, and now travels as a global consultant on plant varieties.

Our Roots

When Al and Suzy became frustrated with less-than-effective gardening products and commercial potting mixes, they decided to set out on a mission to create their own.

On a trip to Canada, they encountered a naturally occurring phenomenon found in peat moss bogs — ‘sticks’ that could be broken down into a fiber for a new type of potting mix. A kind of mix that would provide a better balance of air space and water retention; a better home for roots to grow and form.

Al and Suzy worked with a team to develop their own special recipe using this new magical ingredient, and BogBits® was born. With recipe in hand, they knew they had something special.

Good Dirt® was born on the strong foundation of BogBits® for a line of potting mixes — and expanded to more sustainably produced, pesticide-free products like plant foods and soil conditioners. Created so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of gardening in their own space.