We know you want your plants to grow

  • Simple

    Whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned veteran of toiling in soil, we believe easy-to-use products are more pleasant to work with. We want your labors to cultivate a passion for digging in the dirt.

  • Successful

    We want your garden to thrive, so Good Dirt® is constantly crafting products to work magic for your garden. Our BogBits® & sustainably harvested peat give roots the optimal balance of air and moisture, and our PlantBiotics & Plant Food keep your living soil “alive."

  • Sustainable

    Good Dirt® products are derived from renewable plant-based components and focus on naturally occurring ingredients. We want to help make the Earth a clean place, respecting and caring for it so future generations can all enjoy gardening.

Grow Clean

At Good Dirt, we channel our expertise in growing and our love of learning to make better products for the garden.  Every one of our products has a story to tell about sustainability and each one is based on the model: Good gardening is good for the Earth.