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Good Dirt

DROP & GRO™ Tablets

DROP & GRO™ Tablets

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Get a head start establishing plants in-ground or in containers and grow healthier plants. Drop & Gro™ Tablets stimulate root development, reduce transplant shock, and help nutrient uptake. Drop one in before planting to establish wellness in flowers, vegetables, or houseplants. Strong, healthy plants avoid sickness like pests and disease. 

A strong, healthy root system helps plants take root and thrive

Everything you need in one tablet to get your plants off to a robust start. What in the world is a biostimulant? They’re complex substances or microorganisms that stimulate natural processes to boost soil health and decrease root stress.

Drop one tablet in each time you re-plant!

  • Contains beneficial organisms to bring your soil to life
  • Provides natural biological protection for plant roots
  • Give roots a punch of nutrition — petroleum-free 
  • Water your plants with Good Dirt Plant Food for best results
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