Good Dirt makes sustainable gardening products that are simple and effective.

Our Story

Frustrated with less-than-effective gardening products and commercial potting mixes, Al & Suzy Newsom set out to create their own.

They discovered that peat moss bogs naturally create ‘sticks’ that break down into a fiber that balances air space and water retention. This magical material is now known as BogBits® — a better home for roots to grow and form.

Good Dirt® adds BogBits® to every potting mixes — and now we've expanded to more sustainably produced, pesticide-free products like plant foods and soil conditioners.

  • I love it and so does my garden


    Good Dirt is luscious and super nutritional. My cannas went completely nuts with their soil conditioner. HUGE and healthy with tons of blooms! The bag is so convenient, too. Easy enough to pick up with one hand.


  • Easy to use


    MY plants are very happy. I have noticed a difference. Very natural product and goes a long way. Love this companies products.

    -LMercy, Target Customer

  • Works like magic!


    I have lots of house plants but no matter how hard I tried - they always looked sad. Brown/yellowing leaves...droopy. I use this Plant Food once or twice a week and what a difference it makes! Now the plants are big, beautiful and showing tremendous growth!


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  • Potting Mixes

    Discover why Good Dirt Potting Mix is the best choice for your sustainable garden.

  • Plant Nutrition

    The best plant-based nutrition for healthy, thriving plants without petroleum or salts.

  • Drop & Gro Seed Pods

    Simplest way to grow fuller healthier herbs and lettuces from seeds.