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Good Dirt

Happy Thyme DROP & GRO™

Happy Thyme DROP & GRO™

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Grow them in the ground or in containers right by your kitchen! With Drop & Gro™ seed pod technology you get a bouquet of fragrant thyme that is super easy to grow. Our fresh herbs look beautiful, smell incredible and enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes. Enjoy the freshest herbs at home.

10 Seed Pods 

Good Dirt’s ‘Happy Thyme’ is a multi-seed cluster all-in-one grow pod. Our multi-seed technology delivers one easy-to-handle seed pod that will give you fuller, healthier, more uniform plants. Grow a fragrant bouquet of Happy Thyme in one container.

  About the Seed

  • 7-12 Seeds per Grow Pod
  • Certified Non-GMO Multi-Seed
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Pathogen-free

Growing Drop & Gro™ Herb Seeds

Place seed pod on top of soil or potting mix if planting in a container. Use your finger and press to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Slightly cover with soil or your potting mix. We like watering in with a mister as a gentle way to get the soil moist.

Pro Tip

Growing Plants from Seed: Once you plant the seeds, use a mister to wet the soil, continue to keep the soil moist as the plants grow to maturity. *If the soil dries out your seedlings may not successfully germinate and grow.

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