Giving Back

“Good Dirt, Good Deeds” and Childhood Education

When we teach children to garden, it’s about so much more than playing in the dirt. They learn about where their food comes from and how gardening is good for their bodies and their minds.

Part of our core mission is to teach children how to love the ground they walk on, nourish it, and grow their food by planting gardens. With the “Good Dirt, Good Deeds” program, Good Dirt® teaches kids how to plant seeds and so much more — like how precious water is in nurturing the garden and how to take care of our natural resources.

Good Dirt® supports local teaching gardens with our all-natural, nutrient-rich soil and plant food. We work closely with schools in our area, so children of all ages find out how their food grows and how to take care of their physical and emotional health.

Addressing Food Insecurity & Encouraging Entrepreneurial Farmers at an Urban Nonprofit Farm

Good Dirt® supports our local nonprofit urban farm by donating products from trial plants, to seeds, and our Good Dirt® and Plant Food. We believe in connecting with our community and supporting the next generation of farmers. We’ve been privileged to mentor emerging farmers onsite and bring in world renowned plant nutritionists for training opportunities.

We’ve also created raised beds at the farm and grown food as part of the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” national program, which focuses on reducing hunger by encouraging community and individual gardeners to plant an extra row in their gardens. The produce from those extra rows/containers/beds are then donated to local food collection systems (food banks, shelters, families in need).