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Good Dirt

Dirt in a Box - 2 pack

Dirt in a Box - 2 pack

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Set of 2 18-quart boxes

The perfect nutrient-rich soil for all indoor and outdoor plants—our award-winning Potting Mix, now in sustainable packaging! Each box contains 18 Quarts of potting mix; this set contains 2 boxes.

The perfect soil for all indoor and outdoor plants

Good Dirt Potting Mix is a proprietary blend that starts with Veriflora® Certified Canadian Peat Moss harvested from responsibly managed peatlands. Next, we blend in Bogbits®, a byproduct of sustainably harvested peat moss, for optimum porosity. This combination of Peat and BogBits provides just the right balance of air and water retention, making your plant’s roots dance with joy.

  • 100% soilless, won’t compact
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Safe for all pets and children

Experience bigger blooms, healthier roots, and faster growth with this premium mix that releases essential nutrients immediately

Grow Clean with Good Dirt

Our award-winning Potting Mix provides the ideal porosity — ensuring air, nutrients, and water flow to the roots. BogBits do not break down so that Good Dirt can be reused season after season without losing the integrity and texture of the soil.

  • No pine bark that gets mushy
  • No manure

Simply put, Good Dirt® Potting mix is clean dirt. Safe for the entire family and not harmful to the environment. Dig with us… naturally!

Why a box?

The box defines our move towards plant-based packaging and elimination of virgin plastic in our products. Our Dirt Box and the inside liner are made from post-consumer waste materials that normally would end up in the landfills. We are committed to reduce plastic to a minimum in all Good Dirt products.

DIRT IN A BOX® inner lining is a sealable poly bag liner made of 100% recycled content instead of virgin plastic.

To guarantee the integrity of the box until it is ready to be recycled or composted, a liner is necessary to contain the natural moisture of the soil within the box. Our post-consumer waste poly plastic is made from waste materials that have been produced and discarded. We chose 100% recycled post-consumer plastic over virgin plastic, plant-based plastic or biodegradable plastic. The inner liner bags are recyclable at local grocery store that accepts plastic bags. 

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