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Outdoor Bundle Starter Kit


Indoor Potting Mix — 8 qts

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Potting Mix — 60 qts (2 cu ft) **Temporarily in white unbranded bag


Potting Mix — 60 qts (2 cu ft) **Temporarily in white unbranded bag

Loose Fill Bag


Good Dirt® Potting Mix helps you find the right balance of air and moisture for successful container gardening. Our special formula also includes a dose of PlantBiotics® to help you achieve a LIVING SOIL.

The Essential Dirt Bag is temporarily naked! Our packaging supply chain issues means these bags are stripped down on the outside — but the inside is the same Good Dirt® Potting Mix you know and love, with perlite for additional drainage (this batch of white unbranded bags only).

Proudly Sourcing from Canada
These temporary bags say “Product of Canada” on them. Why? The peat moss and BogBits® that make our potting mix so successful for your plants are sourced in Canada — home of the earth’s most sustainably harvested peat!


The Essential Dirt Bag! Good Dirt® Potting Mix is light weight & helps you find the right balance of air and moisture needed for successful container gardening. BogBits®, a recycled by-product from the North American peat bogs, provides an air-rich structure that allows roots to thrive while superior quality peat moss promotes optimum levels of water and nutrient retention. Our special formula also includes a nutrient charge from an organic based plant food and a dose of PlantBiotics® to help you achieve a LIVING SOIL.


  • 60 dry quarts (equivalent = 2 cubic feet)
  • Features BogBits® to add porosity so roots can breathe and nutrients flow to the roots.
  • Contains sustainably harvested Peat for ideal water and nutrient retention
  • All natural, chemical- free, GMO-free and vegan


This product contains:

  • Sphagnum Peat Moss (75-85%)
  • BogBits®
  • Organic based Plant Food
  • PlantBiotics®

BogBits® are our proprietary recycled by-product of sustainably harvested peat moss. It provides the long term porosity that plants need to breathe and roots to thrive.

Good Dirt® Plant Food is derived naturally from Oilseed Extract, which contains everything nature puts into a seed to reproduce the species. The natural Oilseed Extract contains NPK, trace elements, and all the organic compounds found in a seed. This includes all plant essential amino acids.

Good Dirt PlantBiotics® are a complex package of beneficial microbes that get in around the roots to protect them, forming a tough, protective endospore, allowing the plants to tolerate extreme environmental conditions and transplant shock. They also help with nutrient uptake and continue to colonize/grow as they are also being fed with the organics from the Good Dirt® Plant Food.

Good Dirt® Plant Food encourages both foliage and root growth thanks to the nutrition and the benefits the amino acids provide. Good Dirt PlantBiotics® enhances nutrient uptake. Both products provide some additional slow release Nitrogen and nutrition. The Plant food through the organic Nitrogen and the PlantBiotics® through its storage and release of all nutrients.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 in

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