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Popular Plants Could Be Poisonous To Pets

People can be passionate about both pets and plants. But Plant & Pet Parents should know that some plants are toxic to our furry friends. Exposure to these dangerous plants can result in something as minor as irritation or a serious trip to the veterinarian. But there's no reason to get discouraged. There are many lovely pet-friendly houseplants for every type of plant lover. Read on for the best tips on which ones to choose for a harmonious home.

Some plants irritate, but others can poison

There are so many plants that can harm naturally curious creatures. In fact, it's easier to list the cat-safe plants rather than the dangerous ones. Certain trendy houseplants like Monsteras, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, and Rubber Plants can be poisonous to pets. Seemingly harmless indoor flowering plants like hydrangeas can cause irritation, and the essential oil in eucalyptus is deadly to cats. Even the most well-behaved cat can innocently brush past a toxic plant or knock over a cactus with tragic consequences. 

You don’t have to choose between pets and plants

Surrounding yourself with beautiful plants will improve your mood and your aesthetic. So, there’s no reason to rob your home of beauty. You can have happy pets and an indoor jungle if you carefully choose what greenery you bring into your house.

Trendy & Exotic and Cat-Friendly

There are plenty of cat-friendly houseplants that you can grow indoors. If you’re looking for plants that thrive in low light, consider a Nerve Plant or a Prayer Plant. Need a resilient plant that can handle an imperfect watering schedule? Try a Spider Plant or a Hawthoria. Add one of these houseplants to your place confidently. Your cats will be safe around Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, African Violets, and Bamboo Palms. 

List of cat-friendly houseplants that you can grow indoors.  Add one of these houseplants to your place confidently. Your cats will be safe around Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, African Violets, and Bamboo Palms.

Curate your favorites in a cat-safe plant collection  

In addition to selecting safe plants, it's also important to be vigilant about your pets' behavior around your plants. If you notice your pet showing interest in a particular plant, it's best to put it somewhere off-limits or consider getting rid of it altogether because when plants are accessible to your pet, there is always a risk that they might innocently brush past or decide to try a taste. 

For example, although cactus are relatively safe from ingestion by cats, they can deliver a poke or even get a spike lodged in a tender paw. Even if you have all safe plants, ingesting too much of any plant can cause stomach upset in your pet. Putting dangerous plants on a mantel is not a safe solution either, just because they’re out of reach does not mean your cats are safe. With a bit of planning, bringing botanicals into your home and keeping your pets safe is possible.

Houseplants are more than just greenery

When you bring botany inside, you get a piece of living art. If you're a pet owner and a plant lover, you might feel conflicted about whether you can have both in your home. While it's true that some plants can be harmful or even toxic to your furry friends, there are plenty of safe and beautiful options to choose from. Take into account what types of plants will thrive in your home and pick from this handy list of pet-friendly plants. With a bit of research and careful consideration, you can create a harmonious home that's both beautiful and safe for your furry friends.

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