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Steps for Plant Success


Proactive Plant Wellness

Don’t wait until your plants get sick. Give your plants the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy.

Create the perfect ecosystem following these simple steps.

1: Pick your Plant

Good Dirt products are great for all plants, indoor and outdoor. All our products are chemical-free, non-GMO, vegan, and sustainably produced. Safe to use near kids and pets, safe to use on edible plants, even safe if you have nut allergies.

2: Grow in Potting Mix

Experience healthier roots and faster growth! Our potting mixes are lightweight and help you find the right balance of air and moisture needed for successful container gardening. BogBits®, a byproduct of regenerative Canadian peat bogs, provides an air-rich structure that allows roots to thrive, while sustainably harvested peat moss promotes optimum levels of water and nutrient retention.


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3: Feed with Plant Food

Our Plant Food contains oil-seed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition which has “Boost Molecules” (amino acids) known to improve overall plant health! It’s safe to use all year-round, even in winter, because it is not salt or petroleum based (too much salt can cause plant drought stress or root burn). You’ll see best results if you use it with our PlantBiotics.

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4: Support with PlantBiotics

Contains a beneficial microbial complex to feed your soil. It increases the plant’s natural immunity. It also aids in nutrient breakdown, availability, and absorption while reducing nutrient leaching. Protect your plant’s roots and use this with our Plant Food — together, they’re the dynamic duo of plant nutrition!

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5: Success!

Enjoy bigger blooms, healthier roots, and faster growth (i.e. greener thumbs).

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