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Good Dirt

City Life Salad Bowl DROP & GRO™

City Life Salad Bowl DROP & GRO™

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10 Seed Pods - a mix of Red and Green Lettuces

Grow them in the ground or in containers right by your kitchen! With Drop & Gro seed pod technology you get a great mix of beautiful lettuces that are easy to grow. Once you harvest, they will re-grow multiple times, so you can enjoy the freshest salad greens at home.

  • Multi-seed technology
  • Multiple Harvests
  • Easy to Drop & Gro

Good Dirt’s ‘City Life Salad Bowl’ is a multispecies, multi-seed cluster all-in-one grow pod. Our multi-seed technology allows for multiple varieties and multiple seeds in one easy-to-handle Gro pod that will give you fuller, healthier, more uniform plants. The seeds germinate and grow together instead of separately creating a beautiful mix that goes straight from the garden to your salad bowl. The Drop & Gro Salad Seeds can be grown in containers or in the ground. Once mature, you can harvest every three weeks by cutting back to 2-3 inches, plants will regrow several times for more fresh salad.


  • 6-10 Seeds per Grow Pod
  • Varieties Include a Traditional Mix of Red and Green Lettuces
  • Certified Non-GMO Multi-Seed
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Pathogen-free

Growing Drop & Gro™ Salad Seeds

We suggest 3-5 Gro Pods in a 12″-14”container. Place seed pod on top of soil or potting mix if planting in a container. Use your finger and press to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Slightly cover with soil or your potting mix. We like watering in with a mister as a gentle way to get the soil moist. Once transplanted in the ground or in a container, let the soil dry out between waterings. Harvest when the leaves reach 6″ or more by snipping 2-3″ above the soil line. Regrow several times for repeat harvest. Stagger plantings to have consistent, non-stop harvests.

Pro Tip

Growing Plants from Seed: Once you plant the seeds, use a mister to wet the soil, continue to keep the soil moist as the plants grow to maturity. *If the soil dries out your seedlings may not successfully germinate and grow.

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