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Good Dirt

Indoor Potting Mix - 8 quarts

Indoor Potting Mix - 8 quarts

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The perfect soil for indoor plants

Experience bigger blooms, healthier roots, and faster growth with this premium mix that releases essential nutrients immediately. You'll have a thriving indoor jungle in no time.

All stages of houseplant will thrive in this bio-active ecosystem that produces rapid roots, brighter blooms, and lusher leaves. 

The best premium sustainable soil on the market

We created this proprietary soil blend to grow stronger roots and bigger plants. The formula enhances uptake of water and nutrients for astounding growth. Our unique formula also includes a nutrient charge from an organic based plant food and a dose of PlantBiotics® to help you achieve a LIVING SOIL.

Light, compact, easy-to-carry

First time plant parents and professional gardeners love how effective our soil blends are! Our premium, all-purpose blend consists of an ideally proportioned mix that comes ready-to-use. All in an easy-to-carry 8-quart bag that won't strain your arms or back.

Let your roots have some wiggle room  

Avoid root rot with your potted indoor plants by giving roots ample room to breathe and flourish. Good aeration ensures that roots get the oxygen they need.

Good Dirt® Potting Mix is lightweight & helps balance the air and moisture needed for successful container gardening. It won’t compact and push down on growing roots. Our soil blend is designed to retain a good amount of moisture to meet your plant’s requirements, while still featuring great drainage, allowing excess water to pass.

Great for your plants and the planet!

Everything inside is 100% made from plants - no synthetic chemicals or animal waste. Good Dirt Potting Mix is a proprietary blend that starts with Veriflora® Certified Canadian Peat Moss harvested from responsibly managed peatlands. Next, we blend in Bogbits®, a byproduct of sustainably harvested peat moss, for optimum porosity. This combination of Peat and BogBits provides just the right balance of air and water retention.

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