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Good Dirt

Outdoor Potting Mix - 8 quarts

Outdoor Potting Mix - 8 quarts

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The Essential Dirt Bag!

Good Dirt® Potting Mix is lightweight & helps balance the air and moisture needed for successful container gardening. BogBits® are wood fibers that resist decomposition and are derived from sustainable harvested peat. These fibrous bits provide an air-rich structure that allows roots to thrive. Then we toss it with superior quality Canadian peat moss for optimum levels of water and nutrient retention.

Extra dose of nutrients for your plants

Our special formula also includes a nutrient charge from an organic based plant food and a dose of PlantBiotics® to help you achieve a LIVING SOIL.

Experience Bigger Blooms, Healthier Roots, & Faster Growth

  • Perfect porosity so roots can breathe and nutrients flow
  • 8-quart bag is easy-to-carry and resealable
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